Aerospace- and Aircraft industry - „The reference application“

WDS® in

The microporous material WDS® makes it possible for the user to achieve the slim and light construction design which is necessary in the aerospace and aircraft industries. WDS® creates the perfect connection between high thermal insulation and low weight. Temperatures of up to 1100°C are effectively insulated. In addition, this exceptional material has fire-protection characteristics.

WDS® is used, for example, as part of the engine insulation in civilian aviation, as well as in rocket engines, in the so-called black boxes, in other exhaust systems and as part of high efficiency fire protection systems.

WDS® was used successfully as insulation for the highly sensitive measuring instruments in the Netlander for the ESA Mars expedition. Here the outstanding workability of our WDS® proved itself alongside the excellent insulation characteristics.

Porextherm WDS® is available in different manufacturing forms. As a panel or flexible mat with polyethylene foil, aluminium foil as well as in glass fabric coats. Complex special geometries complete the extensive product program.

Porextherm WDS® is a physiologically harmless insulating material, which is sufficient for the High Tech requirements of our customers, guarantees a minimum, calculable heat loss, which can be seen as a contribution toward a better future environment.

Accurate milling of WDS® panels


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