Maximum thermal insulation in Storage Heaters

Night storage heaters work with temperatures up to 800°C in closed rooms.
These high temperatures must be insulated as securely, effectively and thin as possible.
Porextherm WDS® completely fullfills this requirement and is a physiologically harmless material. Porextherm has long-term experiences in these application area, developing individual solutions, tailored to fit the appliance design of the customer.

Commonly used heat insulation systems can be optimized with Porextherm´s high performance insulating materials.

These provide an outstanding thermal insulation of the devices and contribute to a substantial to an economic use of the electricity.

WDS® Ultra offers a set of advantages:

  • extremely good heat insulation characteristics
  • thermal shock resistance
  • mechanical workability
  • flame resistance
  • water vapour diffusion-stability
  • physiologically harmless
  • recyclability
  • precise in the dimensions



WDS® Ultra