No fear of A+++
More space, less energy consumption in cooling and freezing devices with Vacupor® VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panels)

Source: Electrolux/SchwedenIncreasing requirements according to the energy consumption of cooling and freezing devices, determine even higher requirements to the thermal retention ability of the used insulation materials.
Conventionally used foam insulation with heat conductivities between 22 and 25 mW/mK is not enough to fulfill these requirements any longer.
Only by the increase of the insulation thickness with clear reduction of the utilizable inside volume respectively by expanding the external dimensions of a refrigerator, the requirements can be fulfilled.
The use of Vacuum Insulation with a heat conductivity of < 0,005 W/m*K is often the only alternative to fulfill the requirements regarding energy efficiency.


Energy efficiency class regulation

Household appliances must be marked with the energy label in Germany since January 1st, 1998. The energy label is prescribed Europe-wide. By the energy consumption marking regulation (EnVKV) the European guidelines were converted into German legislation. Accordingly all offered devices need to carry such a label.

For the evaluation of the energy efficiency of the equipment, different efficiency classes are used from A++ to G. Equipment of the class A++ is particularly low in energy consumption, while devices of class G use a lot of energy. Beyond that, the label contains information about further energy- and environmental-relevant data as well as data for the serviceability of the devices.

Energy label refrigerators / Source: www.ceced.euFrom 2011 on, the efficiency categories A++ (EEI < 42) to G for refrigerators and freezing devices will be extended by a new category A+++. In order to leave the design of the label unchanged, the new categories are only signed within the black arrow in the right part of the sticker. By the specific installation of Vacupor® NT VIPs the new energy efficiency classes A+, A++ and A+++ can be reached without major problems.

Product description

Vacupor® NT is a microporous thermal insulation material with extremely low thermal conductivities, i.e. with very good thermal insulation properties. Vacupor® NT consists of inorganic, silica based substances.
The main part is high dispersed fumed silica. The remaining components are opacifiers for the minimization of the infrared radiation.

Vacupor® NT (core material) is not flammable and fulfills the requirements according to IMO FTPC part 1 and DIN ISO 4102 part 1 A1.
Vacupor® NT is covered in a special procedure with a gas- and water vapour dense plastic film, evacuated and heat sealed.
The extraordinarily low heat conductivity values are made possible by the very low internal pressure and the microporous core. Generally rectangular or square panels are manufactured. The individual elements can be assembled practically without any gaps. Other panel forms are available on request.



Vacupor® NT vacumm panel is perfectly suitable for the use in cooling- and freezing devices. In addition, Vacupor® NT VIPs are already successfully used in cryogenic freezers with a temperature range down to - 85°C.

Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels are usually foamed in with polyurethan-foam systems already in use. By the use of a suitable adhesive or double sided adhesive tape, the vacuum panels are sticked to the inside of the outer body and later on foamed in during the standard foaming process. Please let us know, if you should need an adhesive recommendation.
Vacupor® can be applied with conventional polyurethan-foam systems. The temperatures during the curing of the PU-foam do not lead to a degradation of the thermal or mechanical properties of the vacuum panel. By the selection of special barrier films the adhesion of PU foams on the panel surface is very good.


The advantages at a glance

  • high energy savings
  • significant decrease of insulation thickness and volume
  • increase of the utilizable internal volume
  • individual adaptable formats
  • very small edge effects
  • very good foam adhesion
  • long life span
  • easy to recycle
  • no harmful contents


Vacupor® NT
Vacupor® MS

Vacupor® MS-LD