In the ceramic industry the tunnel kiln or the roller kiln is an important component in the process of the production of rough or fine ceramics. Small losses of temperature inside the furnace or kiln is important, in order to keep the operating cost low and to insure high product quality.

By the use of the outstanding thermal insulation properties of our products WDS® Ultra and/or WDS® High and the possible optimization of insulation design in the high temperature zone, many further positive effects are achievable:

  • the clear degradation of the cold side temperature leads to a lowering of the operating cost by improvement of the energy balance per ton of burned final products.
  • the cold side temperature could be clearly lower compared to conventionally insulated furnaces and allows a possible improvement for the working reliability.
  • health risks before, during and after the installation are eliminated compared to the installation of high temperature fibers.

Thermal insulation with WDS® Ultra and WDS® High does not stop with the thermal insulation material. Detailed information media, WDS® specialists and specialized system suppliers complements each other, in order to solve your individual task completely.

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