WDS® - in the Aluminium production

In the aluminum industry the melting furnace is an important processing component of primary or secondary aluminum. It is essential that an optimal temperature distribution is inside the furnace around the melt in all ranges, in order to keep a homogeneous liquid.

The constant attainable high product quality leads to higher customer satisfaction in the processing industry.

By the use of the outstanding thermal insulation properties of our microporous inorganic products WDS® Ultra, WDS® Flexipor® or WDS® High and the optimization of the structure of insulation, many further positive effects can be mentioned:

  • the clear reduction of the cold side temperature leads to a lowering of the operating cost by improvement of the energy balance together with increase of the utilizable volume.
  • the lower cold side temperature is an improvement for the industrial safety. The health risks before, during and after the installation, are eliminated.
  • the optimization of the insulation with WDS® allows an increase in the lifetime of the furnace, since adhering aluminum at the fireproof lining can be avoided due to early freezing as far as possible. The working reliability is increased.

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WDS® Ultra
WDS® High
WDS® Flexipor®