The quality requirements for insulation of applications in the steel industry , for example steel ladles, tundishes or vacuum ladles for steel treatment are very high.

Parallel to this development, also the requirement for utilizable volume is increasing. The brick linings are thinner. Therefore it is necessary to insulate for example the steel ladles very efficient.

These requirements are satisfied with a selection of well developed fireproof materials and the application of our microporous inorganic heat-insulating material WDS® FLEX.

The increase of the utilizable volume on the average of 10% leads to a better cost effectiveness.

The very good compression strength of our WDS® FLEX products allows very good heat insulation characteristics despite of high pressure loads.

The energy balance of a steel ladle can be improved by almost 50% with the additional application of WDS® - FLEX as back-up insulation. The clearly lower cold side temperature results in higher industrial safety.

Our products WDS® lambdaFLEX®, WDS® Flexipor® and WDS® lambdaFLEX® Super meet your high requirements.

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