Source: Fa. Schrader, Beckum-Vellern

The requirements in the insulation of modern logistic systems are increasing constantly. The demand to cover extended negative and positive temperature areas is increasing. At the same time the demand for more useful volume and lower proper weight in order to save carriage costs is requested.

The goods to be transported are quite sensitive to temperature variations. Especially goods from the food and chemical industry are usable only within low temperature borders without loosing quality. For this reason a high-quality insulated casing is required to avoid cold and heat losses.

Furthermore the containers outside dimensions are limited by law of the StVO. That means these demands can only be realized by more efficient, thinner walled and lighter thermal insulation.

By applying Porextherm Vacupor® VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panels) an average increase of 20% of the useful volumes can be reached. This contributes to a much better relation between expenses and benefits.

Source: Fa. Hoyer, HamburgSince Porextherm Vacupor® VIPs are coated with damp-insensitive barrier film, the outstanding heat insulation characteristics are not affected negatively, even after longer periods of condensed moisture or creeping.

The energy balance of a tank container can be improved by up to 30% when using Porextherm Vacupor® vacuum panels as a thermal insulation.



Vacupor ® NT is very well suitable for the application of insulated tank containers. The top performance insulation Vacupor® NT is already used very successfully in tank containers for temperature-sensitive goods. In other logistic systems with raised thermal demands, Vacupor® NT is already frequently used. Most notably:

  • cooling and deep cool container
  • sea container
  • office container

Quelle: vanHool, Belgien

The advantages at a glance

  • reduction of the wall thickness
  • increase of the useful volume
  • lowering of the total weight
  • no health and physiological risks
  • improved energy balance
  • constant thermal insulation during longer periods
  • reduction of the necessary heating performance of heated containers



Vacupor® NT