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Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels for high performance packaging of the next generation

Vacupor® VIPs with taped flaps

Due to increasing requirements, also legaly, the adherence of the cold chain is necessary. More and more products need exact temperature control during transport
The temperature often needs to be kept on a defined level for several days, independent of the surrounding temperature.

Therefore conventional transport systems are quickly pushed to their limits.

Typical application is the storage of vaccines, medicines, blood and similar medical substances under controlled temperatures during transport.

Even international valid regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) governing the transport of infectious and diagnostic substances, clinical samples and biological products have been revised in 2005.
Also the use of dry ice and other cooling agents was redefined. The classification of the products determines the packing requirements for the material. It has to be considered that it is now in the responsibility of the sender, to use suitable packing for all products described under paragraph 6.2. This needs to be confirmed on the shipping documents with the following statement "I declare that all of the applicable air transport requirements have been met."

Single use box with cool packs. Source: LaminarMedica / UK

Many of the products described in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation under paragraph 6.2., are transported by air freight. The quantity of dry ice and other cooling agents used is limited. Therefore a high efficient insulation becomes even more important.

Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels represent an ideal solution for boxes within the range of cooling -, freezing- and dry ice transportation. Due to the low heat losses, the boxes are characterized by very long duration times. In a temperature window of for example 2-8ºC, duration times of up to 96 hours can be achieved with smallest box dimensions.

As Vacupor® VIPs are available in many different sizes and thicknesses, almost all box formats can be manufactured. The panels can be adapted individually to the requirements of our customers.
Apart from the legal obligations, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical companies are aware of the financial and humanitarian damage, resulting by the loss of temperature of sensitive products, if those are made useless during transport by varying or unforeseeable outside temperatures.

Already two or three degrees can be of a crucial importance. Freight systems, which can guarantee that they are working precisely and economically under the agreed temperature -, time and logistics conditions, are an indispensable factor for the world-wide deliveries under various climatic conditions.

Multiple use box with active thermo electric cooling device. Source: Thermosecure / D

Today, Vacupor® vacuum panels are already used by world-wide leading companies, active in the development, testing, validation and production of packaging systems for the protection of vaccines, medicines, blood and other medicine products.

By the use of Vacupor® VIPs compact and high-efficient, tailor made packaging systems can be realized, according to customers requirements.

Because the packaging volume can be reduced by the factor 20 compared with conventional packing insulation materials, also significant cost advantages can be achieved especially on longer freight flights.

So a Vacupor® insulated box not only represents a technically high-efficient and safe product, but also a meaningful alternative under economic criteria.

The advantages at a glance

  • 5-8 times better insulation than EPS
  • reduces the need of PCM by factor 3
  • reduces the isolation volume up to factor 27
  • reduces the packing volume up to factor 8
  • reduces the dimensional weight of the freight
  • reduces shipping cost
  • supplied as flat pack
  • nearly all formats and thicknesses available
  • panels can be adopted individually to a box
  • recyclable



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