Assured product quality, through controlled testing processes

As a supplier of innovative thermal insulation solutions Porextherm is constantly striving to maintain the quality of its products at the highest level. The requirements of national and international clients on product quality and documentation are continually increasing. To achieve these high standards Porextherm has a quality management system according to ISO 9001 standards since November 2003.

Decisive for the quality of our products is the constant monitoring of raw materials and processes used. These affect the function and thus the insulation performance significantly.

Porextherm has a whole range of measurement and testing methods, of which only the most important will be presented here. In addition, our production is regularly externaly controlled by renowned institutes, which is for example a requirement defined in the building approval granted by the German Institut for civil engineering (DIBT).

Determination of thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity (λ) of an insulating material describes its ability to transport thermal energy. The thermal conductivity in watts per meter and Kelvin is a temperature-dependent material constant.

The lower the value at a defined medium temperature, the better is the insulating performance. Exactly this high insulation performance is what our customers expect from our products.

For direct determination of the thermal conductivity, Porextherm has several devices (guarded hot plate apparatus) available. The guarded hot plate apparatus determines the thermal conductivity on plate-shaped samples.

The measuring range of our equipment is optimized in favor of a very high measuring accuracy. For thermal insulation products it comprises at measuring temperatures of 10 ° C ... 40 ° C, a thermal conductivity of λ = 2.5 ... 250 mW / (mK)

With the device 10 to 50 mm thick samples can be measured. The minimum sample size is 350 x 350 mm², a maximum of the sample width is limited to 600 mm (the length is unlimited).

Technical data - guarded hot plate apparatus

Measuring temperature

in the range of 10 to 40 °C (freely selectable)

Plate difference temperatur

in the range of 5 to 15 K (freely selectable)

Measuring range

λ = 2,5...250 mW/m·K

Thickness of sample

10 to 50 mm

Dimension of sample

optimum: 500 x 500 mm², minimum: 350 x 350 mm²
Maximum width: 600 mm, Length unlimited

Degree of reproducibility

< 1 %

Measurement accuracy

< 1,5 %

Determination of VIP-inner pressure

Besides the selection of suitable core materials and barrier films strict controls of materials and processes, ensure the long lifetime of our vacuum insulation panels.

One of the essential test parameters is to determine the VIP inner pressure. The lower the internal pressure of a vacuum insulation panel, the longer the lifetime.

In order to meet the request of some of our customers to the maximum possible degree of control VIP internal pressure, we do have the opportunity, to test VIPs from a size of 400x400 mm after production and, if requested, once again before shipment.
This can, if desired, be carried out at up to 100% of the panels supplied. The test is performed by a barrier film lift-off process.

All panels will be labeled with a label that shows the measured value. For better traceability a control number is additionally applied. By this, one can trace back the measurement to the particular panel.

Technical data - inner pressure measurement device

Product size:

min. 300 x 300 mm

Measurement pressure:

< 0,5 mbar

External quality control - building approval/FIW


Under the certification number Z-23.11-1662  the German Institut for civil engineering (DIBT) granted the approval by the building authorities for several Vacupor® versions and Vacuspeed®.

The approval is valid for construction applications DAD, DAA, DZ, DI, DEO, WAB, WAA, WH, WTR and WI according to standard DIN 4108-10, table 1 and for prefabricated façade panels with insulated glass character.

In connection with this, various certificates had to be provided, that exactly describe the properties of the product and represent the provisions of the building approval. Only through the grant of a conformity mark (Ü-mark), compliance is provided with the provisions of the approval.

The demonstration of compliance can only be provided by a trusted certificate authority, which performs an external monitoring at regular intervals. This external quality control is carried out by the Research Institute for thermal protection e.V. Munich (FIW).

The following properties are tested:

  • conditions
  • sizes
  • density
  • weigth of barrier film
  • thermal conductivity
  • compressive strength
  • dimension stability at 70 °C/90%
  • deformation at 40 kPa/70 °C
  • tensile strength
  • fire behaviour

External quality control - GSH

Since April 25, 2008 Porextherm is a member of the GSH (Gütegemeinschaft Hartschaum e.V.) in which well-known VIP manufacturers have joined for the purpose of quality assurance.

On 29 July 2009 the award certificate of GSH for the RAL accepted and legally protected RAL-VIP label was presented to Porextherm.
The jointly developed quality and testing provisions are available in the form of the "quality assurance RAL-GZ 960". The required and partly self-imposed quality assurance measures are regularly monitored externally by independent institutes.

Besides the building approval for Vacupor® products, the RAL quality label should help to strenghten the confidence of processors and consumers in the quality of vacuum insulation panels. Requirement for the VIP Quality label is to obtain the building approval.

Nach einer Erstprüfung durch eine von der GSH benannte, anerkannte Prüfstelle müssen die Prüfumfänge der werkseigenen Produktionskontrolle (WPK) im Sinne einer Eigenüberwachung durchgeführt werden. Die festgelegten Bestimmungen können Sie in der "Gütesicherung RAL-GZ 960" nachlesen. Bitte sprechen Sie uns an, wenn Sie eine Kopie benötigen.

After an initial assessment by a GSH notified, accredited inspection body the test requirements of the factory production control (FPC) have to be carried out in the sense of a self-monitoring. The defined provisions, you can read in the "quality assurance RAL-GZ 960".
Please contact us if you need a copy.



Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

IBU LogoAlready in the beginning of the 18th century for the first time the term “sustainability” came up connected with the lack of wood in the range of forestry. The general meaning of sustainability is the balance between consumption and regeneration of resources.

Sustainable building, where aspects of economy, ecology and sociality in all phases of the lifetime of a building are considered well-balanced, is up to date a basic principle at the construction of such buildings.

This is the aim, the company Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH with its high efficient insulation materials pursues. Vacupor® vacuum insulation panels have a general approval for the building industries since 2007. They are made for getting the highest possible insulation with the lowest possible thickness. Not only the performance of a product must be observed, but also the manufacturing must be considered in terms of sustainability. Only having a closer look on all aspects of a product, a serious and ecological evaluation of a building can be done.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is the base of data for that kind of evaluation. Currently, this is part of a new European norming project: “sustainability for buildings”. Due to the fact, that EPDs are based on ISO-norms, they are adjusted of international aspects. Hence, they are adapted as a confirmation for environmental demands of public markets.

The declaration gives answers about consumptions of energy and resources and a overview how Vacupor® vacuum insulation panels behave in relation to greenhouse effect, acidification, overfertilization, generating smog and destroying of the ozone layer. Additionally you can find details about technical aspects and performance characteristics of Vacupor® vacuum insulation panels in the EPD that are needed for an evaluation about the efficiency in the building.

That Environmental Product Declaration gives planers, architects, building companies, property companies, etc. facts about the environmental achievement of Vacupor®, that give the possibility to evaluate the value-added chain from the raw-material to the building with the sense of sustainability.

Download Environmental Product Declaration as per ISO 14025