Logo Morgan Advanced MaterialsWe are writing to inform you that Morgan Advanced Materials plc has acquired Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH. Morgan Advanced Materials plc is a global materials engineering company which designs and manufactures a wide range of high specification products with extraordinary properties, across multiple sectors and geographies.  It is listed on the London Stock Exchange (ticker MGAM).

From an extensive range of advanced materials the Morgan group produce components, assemblies and systems that deliver significantly enhanced performance for their customers’ products and processes. Their engineered solutions are produced to very high tolerances and many are designed for use in extreme environments. 

The group thrives on breakthrough innovation and its materials scientists and applications engineers work in close collaboration with customers to create outstanding, highly differentiated products that perform more efficiently, more reliably and for longer.

As you know, Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH is a recognised technical leader in the production of microporous insulation materials, and has developed a wide range of WDS® high-temperature insulation and Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) products. Our insulation products offer the lowest possible thermal conductivity combined with superior durability. The combined offering of Porextherm and Morgan will present a broader range of options and solutions to our customers. 

We confirm that we will continue to maintain the high levels of service you have come to expect. Your contacts will remain as they are and will be in contact with you in the very near future. 

If you have any questions, please do ask your existing contacts or you can contact us directly.


Sincerely yours


Harald Kaune                                                            Peter Stubner

GM - IFB / Fire Protection                                        General Manager

Morgan Thermal Ceramics                                     Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH