Vacuspeed® with all available lamination versions Vacupor® Roof is an addition to this proven range of vacuum insulation products

The already established members of the Vacupor® product family are called Vacupor® NT-B2-S, Vacupor® RP-B2-S, Vacupor® PS-B2-S, Vacupor® XPS-B2-S and Vacupor® TS-B2-S. The names describe the lamination that goes with each application. Now the range is being extended to include Vacupor® Roof for application on flat roofs and terraces.

As flat roof and terrace structures often require particularly high insulation performance and can only be executed in a very low installation height, vacuum insulation panels or so-called VIPs are often used. The already proven vacuum insulation elements have a core made of highly dispersed silica powder that is placed under vacuum in a high barrier film. The principle of the thermos flask is thus transferred to the panels and forms the basis for the extremely good insulation values.

The flat roof insulation element Vacupor® Roof with protective layers made of rubber granulate and PIR The special version Vacupor® Roof combines the advantages of Vacupor® RP-B2-S and PIR insulation in a single product. The highest insulation performance in a low installation height, confirmed building site suitability with surface coatings that are resistant while also being physically and biologically harmless. The rubber granulate mat offers optimal protection of the insulation core on the underside. The top surface is protected by PIR insulation that is applied at the factory and simultaneously forms the basis for further layers of the total structure. 

A surrounding strip of textile provides additional protection for the side surfaces of the high-performance vacuum panel. Their special characteristic is the thin layer thickness on the surround so that no unnecessary thermal bridges are included.  


Vacuspeed® available in all versions 

The Vacuspeed® system is available from our warehouse in optimised and proven formatsWe are offering some of our range of products in the quickly available Vacuspeed® version as a supplement to the popular Vacupor® family, in which all formats can be realised. Vacuspeed® is available from the warehouse. The system comprises seven standard formats in three different thicknesses and can therefore be combined even better and is always available from our warehouse.

The VIP thicknesses, which are optimised for the energy saving regulation EnEV, enable adherence to the current energy efficiency standards when laid in one or two layers. The availability of the lamination versions RP, XPS and Roof in just a few days from our warehouse is also new. This allows reactions to insulation situations using immediate supplies of insulation material or to construction projects with insulated areas that need to be insulated to a particularly high standard. We can supply a cuttable edge insulation strip for the Vacuspeed® system on request. 


Different protection layers for different applicationas are available