For the sake of the environment - Implementation of an environmental management system according EN ISO 14001:2004

One of the biggest societal issues of our time is environmental protection with its various facets. Environmental protection plays a large roll in private, public and commercial areas.
Through the development and marketing of highly efficient thermal insulation materials based on pyrogenous silica, Porextherm has been making a very big contribution for environmental protection and for permanent reduction of energy consumption for a number of years. Porextherm is now expanding its management system and integrating an environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001:2004, as part of a consistent way of continuing to preserve natural resources, thereby further contributing to environmental protection.
This norm, which is accredited world-wide, applies to companies which work in an environmentally compatible way and who wish to further ensure this through a systematically established management system. The external certification for this system is planned for November 2009.

We have drawn up the following goals for our quality and environmental protection-oriented company leadership:

  • To guarantee highest customer satisfaction through absolute
    dependability and adherence to delivery dates
  • To maintain constructive, long-term and trusting relationships
    with our customers, staff and partners
  • The principle of continuous improvement, with the goal of
    minimizing mistakes and optimizing processes
  • To deal with resources (materials, air, water, energy, earth) in
    a preservative way and to avoid emissions, waste, and other
    environmental pollutants in an economically justifiable way
  • To implement the most modern technology, while taking into
    account cost-effectiveness, in order to ensure efficient, secure
    and environmentally compatible processes
  • To adhere to all relevant statutory provisions To maintain an
    effective and efficient quality management system based on
    DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:20