Successful ISO 9001 re-certification and ISO 14001 certification – We did it!!!

Since 2003, Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH has maintained a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. With the development and sale of highly efficient microporous heat insulation materials based on fumed silica, Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH has been making a remarkable contribution to environmental protection and the permanent reduction of energy consumption values for many years. In order to make further active contributions to environmental protection, this year, an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 was integrated in the existing system used at Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH. This globally renowned regulation applies to companies which uphold environmentally friendly practices and wish to maintain them using a systematically structured management system.

From 17th to 19th November 2009, the integrated management system based on ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) was certified for the very first time by EQ-Zert.This involved testing all processes executed by Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH in accordance with the requirements of both regulations.

Both auditors were impressed by the performance of our management system and confirmed their complete compliance with the regulations. During the concluding meeting, the auditors stated that it was immediately apparent “that the Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH management system is an integral part of every business and is embraced by all staff members”. The auditors therefore recommended that the certificate be issued.

This achievement represents a huge step forward for Porextherm Dämmstoffe GmbH and its employees in their constant efforts for improvement.