The new launched new building & construction website -

Vacupor® - Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) become more and more important for building & construction applications.
For this reason we designed a new website for our costumers.

This website is especially designed for interested parties of the building industries:

Wherever high energy efficiency along with slim constructions is required, Vacupor® offers a suitable solution.
Today, a multiple number of constructions is already solved with cost-effective,Vacupor® details.

On our new website you can find information about Vacupor® for the building industries.

For a number of applications, such as roof-, wall-, ceiling- and floor-insulation, at you will find information for intelligent solutions around high performance vacuum insulation for buildings.

At this website you can find, e.g.:

  • Exemplary structures
  • Product and handling instructions
  • Invitation to tender texts
  • Technical data sheets
  • Building authorities approval
  • Brochures for download...

and further helpful information material.

This may help to explain and facilitate the use of Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels in building applications.

Our products Vacupor® NT-B2, Vacupor® NT-B2-S, Vacupor® PS-B2, Vacupor® PS-B2-S, Vacupor® RP-B2, Vacupor® RP-B2-S and Vacuspeed® do have the general technical approval of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). So, they can be used for the approved applications without any problems.

You only need to consider the valid product- and handling instructions.

Additionally you can find a large amount of applications on , where Vacupor® was already successfully used as well as current news about interesting themes and new products.

You have further questions on vacuum insulation for building applications?

==> Here you can find answers:

You can also find the contact data to our qualified dealers or our sales team that would be pleased to answer your questions.