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Vacuspeed® - Das modulare VIP-System hat sich bereits bewährt

Vacuspeed® brochure

Our modular vacuum insulation system prevails.


Vacuspeed® the new system product for quick and easy high performance insulation


More than 2 years ago, the new Vacuspeed® system was put on the market. Already, the system can be called a success. There are many highly efficient insulated objects, where Vacuspeed® could show its full advantages: immediate availability from stock, flexible installation and easy handling.

Today, the benefits of insulating with vacuum insulation panels are no longer a question. Due to the excellent insulating properties at a much lower thickness compared to conventional materials. There are numerous construction applications, where the thin vacuum insulation panels are clearly in advantage. Due to extensive planning in advance, the individual production of the VIPs with longer delivery times and the more complex constructions, often temporal obstacles occur, so that in the past, occasionally works need to be done with conventional insulation solutions.

This has changed with the Vacuspeed ® System, because the new concept is as simple as it is obvious at once.

Quick and easy laying of Vacuspeed®The idea – to insulate time-and-cost-efficient with a system

Vacuspeed® is a VIP system, that gets along with just four standardized panel sizes in dimensions of 100 x 50 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 50 x 25 cm and 25 x 25 cm and three standard thicknesses (15, 20 and 25 mm).
The Vacuspeed® panels are officially approved and offer with a rated value of 0.008 W/(m*K), an impressivly good insulation performance.
With these standardized formats, various surface geometries can be covered for the most part. The remaining boundary surfaces can be covered with a cuttable highly insulating Vacuspeed® Cut PU-strip (100 x 12.5 cm). Due to the double-seam folding of the VIPs, only very small gaps arise when the panels are joined together. The chosen pattern results in a maximum of 12.5 cm wide circumferential edge which is covered with Vacuspeed® Cut. This leads to an only slightly increased U-value, based on the total area.

Designed for practical use in Building&Construction

Due to the new Vacuspeed® system, the installation of vacuum insulation panels gets to a child's play now in practice. With just four standardized Vacuspeed® formats plus the flexible Vacuspeed® Cut-strip, the planning beforehand gets much easier for every user. The calculation of a layout plan and the required quantities can be easily and quickly managed by architects or craftsmen. The Vacuspeed® panels can be slide together quickly and almost free of joints. The rest of the area will be filled with the cuttable Vacuspeed Cut® material, which is easy to handle for the craftsmen

Packed for the construction siteIt is new, that the goods are immediately available in convenient forms of packaging. Production times and the resulting lead times are thus largely disappeared.

Vacuspeed® and Vacuspeed® Cut are delivered practical for construction, in well protected special packaging. Clear instructions for processing are included.




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