Opening ceremony in the "InnovationCity" Bottrop

Numerous political and economic celebrities found their way to the newly renovated one-family house in Bottrop on July 18, 2013. The festive handing-over of keys to the Kewitsch family took place in a comfortable atmosphere with bright sunshine and a successful general program. The family had moved out and left their house in the care of the RWE for the duration of the renovation. After a short lecture series and a small photo shooting session with the involved partners, the finished house could be inspected more closely.


The renovation of this building took place as part of the to-date one-time Project “InnovationCity” under the patronage of RWE. The goal was to renovate an existing building, a one-family house from the 60’s into a “Plus-Energy house”. A number of companies were able to bring in their products and experience to help achieve this goal. The Porextherm Company is proud to have taken part in this successful project as a competent partner with its highly innovative high-performance Vacupor® insulation. Porextherm vacuum insulation was successfully inserted in the “future house” in the following application areas.


Applying the XPS-covered Vacuum Insulation, Foto: Ralph LuegerInsulation of the cellar ceiling with Vacupor® XPS-B2-S

Since the cellar level had a smaller ceiling height, which was common for houses in the 60’s, conventional insulation could not be used for the renovation. Therefore, Porextherm’s high-performance insulation Vacupor® XPS-B2-S was inserted to insulate the cellar ceiling of the “future house”. The cellar ceiling could be excellently insulated due to the very strong insulation performance of these vacuum insulation panels, with a rated value of 0,007 W/(m*K). The insulation thickness of 40mm (relating to the VIP) which was used therefore corresponds with a realized U-value through the insulation of 0,175 W/(m²*K).



Insulating the outer walls from the inside

The renovators were glad to have Vacupor® XPS-B2-S vacuum insulation available especially for smaller rooms in the „future house“. Due to the significantly better insulation performance compared to conventional insulation materials, a considerable amount of space could be won with the same performance. In comparison to an insulation with WLG035, this equates to a space savings of ca. 1m² per 7 meters wall width. The decision for the Vacupor® XPS-B2-S version was made very quickly, due to the very easy workability with standard solvent free polystyrene adhesives and the very slim covering through the 3mm thin XPS.


Insulation behind Roller shutter casings with Vacuspeed®

In the RWE house in Bottrop, as with many other renovations, a requirement for high-performance insulation materials arose on short notice. While removing the outer wall layers, it was noticed that there was not enough space behind several roll shutter casings to be able to achieve the required insulation performance with conventional insulation materials. The insulation of and around roller shutters or venetian blind casings is often a thermal bridge problem which occurs in construction, as these are mostly integrated in the building envelope, thus leaving very little space for insulation.

To solve this “short-notice” problem, Porextherm Vacuspeed® vacuum insulation was available for insertion. Vacuspeed® VIPs come in boxes of 10 panels from stock which are ready-to-use for construction sites and available in the following four formats: 100x50, 50x50, 50x25 und 25x25 [cm]. These allow for an uncomplicated and easy delivery to the construction site within a very short time. The Vacuspeed® system is suplemented with a highly insulating PU-strip, Vacuspeed® Cut (100x12,5 cm).

The Vacuspeed® VIPs have all attained the General building Approval (AbZ), as well as the European Technical Approval (ETA). This entitles labeling with the CE-Mark.


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