Frontpage of the ETA for VacuporEffective June 22, 2013, the DIBt (German Institute for Civil Engineering), as a member of the EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Approvals), issued the European Technical Approval (ETA-13/0515) for several versions of Vacupor® and Vacuspeed® vacuum insulation panels from the Porextherm Company.

Through the new regulation (EU) Nr. 305/2011 of the European Parliament, which went into full effect starting July 1st, 2013, and of the European Council of March 9th, 2011 for determining harmonized conditions for marketing building products, the old regulation 89/106/EWG of the Council is completely annulled.


The CE-labeling of products may then only be carried out after receipt of a corresponding European Technical Evaluation (ETB). In accordance with Art. 66 (4) of the Building Products Regulation, manufacturers and importers may use an ETA (European Technical Approval) which was issued before July 1st, 2013 in accordance with the Building Products Guidelines, for the duration of its period of validity as a European Technical Evaluation (ETB).

Therefore, the ETA issued for the product types Vacuspeed®, Vacupor® NT-B2(-S) and Vacupor® PS-B2(-S) allows the CE-labeling for these products.


Through the issuance of an ETB and the consequential use of the CE-labeling, trading, marketing and use of the corresponding labeled products in the European Union should become simpler. The ETB should replace the respective regional approval and harmonize and simplify the use of the respective building products, provided that these do not violate regional law.


Download ETA-13/0515 for Vacupor® and Vacuspeed®