South-West view of the EEC, Source: ZAE Bayern„The Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research e.V. (ZAE Bayern) opens its highly innovative research and demonstration building, the Energy Efficiency Center (EEC), after only 2 ½ years of construction. The EEC concentrates and demonstrates a variety of new energy efficient technologies. This Project was requested by the Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi), as well as the Bavarian State Ministry for Economy, Transportation, Infrastructure, and Technology (BayStMWIVT). It has been financially supported by well-known industry partners, and promoted to a lighthouse project through the multitude of applied innovative building components.” (ZAE Bayern)


Hand-over of keys by the architect Rampp, Source: ZAE BayernThis is how ZAE Bayern describes the EEC itself. At the opening ceremony in Würzburg, Bavarian Wirtschaftsminister Zeil, Regierungspräsident Dr. Beinhofer, ZAE Bayern Vorstandsvorsitzender Prof. Dyakonov, Prof. Dr. Mager (BMWI) and Würzburgs Oberbürgermeister Rosenthal were present. After handing over the keys by the architect Thomas Rampp, the building was officially handed over to the ZAE Bayern for future use.

In addition to public funding, the realisation of the EEC has been made possible by the support of numerous sponsors. With this, as a leading manufacturer of vacuum insulation panels (VIP) Porextherm supportet this project with its Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels. This VIPs with a general approval and an impressive design value of λ = 0,007 [W/(m*K)]) were integrated in the EEC.


Exhibition "Energie Bauen", Source: ZAE BayernWith vacuum insulation panels, it was possible to bring the opaque areas of the facade with very low thickness to the highest level of thermal conductivity. These VIPs were used as insulation material for prefabricated façade elements. The very high energy standards of the EEC building in terms of energy conservation, sustainability and comfort could so easily be mastered.

There is an exhibition "Energie Bauen" integrated in the EEC. It is a very vivid way to bring the topic of energy closer to the public. Also this interesting approach was supported by Porextherm as a sponsor.


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