Vacupor® MS-LD

Vacupor MS

Vacupor® MS-LD is a vacuum insulation panel with double middle seam and a low density core.

Vacupor® MS-LD has been specifically designed for applications where the surface texture of the panel and the dimensional stability is not of a high priority.
The surface of the vacuum panels may have wrinkles, ridges, grooves or other irregularities. These does not negative affect the technical characteristics of the product.

Through the use of different barrier foils, Vacupor® MS-LD can be adapted individually to the requirements of different applications, regarding life span, robustness and cost.

Vacupor® MS-LD is characterized by a lack of sealing flaps on the long sides and high format flexibility. Various geometries (curved, cut-out etc.) are possible. Available with and without taped bottom and sealing flap. Especially suitable for medium and large production batches.

Vacupor MS Schnittbild

Please notice:

Vacupor® MS-LD is not approved by the German building and construction authorites for building applications. Vacupor® MS may just be applied in areas where a Vacuum Insulation Panel is treated as an unregulated construction product, if an admission on a single case exists or will be obtained.

The procured technical approval no. Z-23.11-1662 applies only to the products referred to therein. Only these products meet the increased requirements for fire protection that are required to obtain an authorization. This is achieved by a modified barrier film.

The thermal conductivity value just describes the value of the Vacuum Insulation Panel under the mentioned conditions, measured in the center of the panel.

The measured value does explicitly not correspond with the rated value, determined by the DIBt and may not be used in Germany for the implementation of thermal calculations for buildings.



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