Our WDS® Products

WDS® Flexible Design

WDS Flexible DesignWDS® Flexible Design is a microporous insulation material with an extremely low thermal conductivity, specially developed for applications in the exhaust tract of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The geometry of the panels can be individually adapted to the requirements of the customers.

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WDS® Flexible Kontur

WDS® Flexible KonturWDS® Flexible Contour is a thin microporous insulation mat with extremely low thermal conductivity. Due to the easy ductility of the mat, three dimensional forms can be achieved. In the automotive industry, the product is applied in the range of manifolds, catalytic converters (KAT) and diesel particle filters (DPF).

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WDS® Flexible Pipe

WDS Flexible PipeWDS® flexible Pipe is a microporous insulating material particularly designed for the use in double wall offshore pipelines (Pipe-in-pipe). Through a special slitting, the panels can be easily wrapped around the pipes.

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WDS® Flexipor®

WDS® Flexipor®Flexible microporous insulation mat for temperatures up to 1050°C, shrink wrapped in polyethylene foil, with high absorption stability and small heat transfers due to gap-reduced laying.

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WDS® Granulat

WDS GranulateWDS® Granulate is a microporous thermal insulation material with an extremely low thermal conductivity, i.e. very good heat insulation performance. WDS® Granulate consists of inorganic silicates, with the main component being fumed silica. Furthermore an infrared opacifier is added to the mixture to minimize heat transmission by infrared radiation.

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WDS® High

WDS® HighAn economically very competitive product, shrink wrapped in polyethylene foil. For application temperatures up to 1050°C, e.g. preferred in the construction of furnaces.

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WDS® LambdaFLEX®

WDS lambdaFLEXFlexible panels, moisture protected in evacuated polyethylene foil. Applicable up to 1000°C. Tried and tested applications for WDS® lambdaFLEX® include back-up insulation in the steel and non-ferrous metals - e.g. aluminium - industry.

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WDS® LambdaFLEX® Super

WDS lambdaFLEX super

WDS® lambdaFLEX® Super is flexible as well, evacuated in an aluminium sandwich foil, with high pressure stability. WDS® lambdaFLEX® super is processed in the steel industry up to a temperature limit of 1100°C.

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WDS® MultiFlex ST/ HT

WDS multiFLEXWDS® MultiFlex ST / HT is a microporous thermal insulation material with an extremely low thermal conductivity, i.e. very good heat insulating performance. The core panel of WDS® MultiFlex ST consists of inorganic silicates, the main component is fumed silica. The other components are an opacifier to minimize heat transmission by infrared radiation and a reinforcing fiber, which is classified as non-hazardous.

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WDS® Protection G-Plus

WDS® Protection G-PlusWDS® Protection G-Plus is a 2-component, inorganic coating. WDS® Protection G-Plus is non-combustible and can be used up to a temperature of 1100°C (2012°F) after application.

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WDS® Shape

WDS ShapePanels with particularly high mechanical stability and density. Ideally for further treatment such as milling or sawing. Maximum application temperature is 950 °C. Tried and tested applications include insulation of data storage media system, insulation of laboratory instruments, electric grills, especially in glass ceramic grills.

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WDS® Ultra

WDS UltraA proven product with particularly good thermal properties, is used amongst others in the glass industry. WDS® Ultra is also available with edge- and/or surface laminations in glass vlies or aluminum.

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