WDS GranulateWDS® Granulate is a microporous thermal insulation material with an extremely low thermal conductivity, i.e. very good heat insulation performance. WDS® Granulate consists of inorganic silicates, with the main component being fumed silica. Furthermore an infrared opacifier is added to the mixture to minimize heat transmission by infrared radiation.

WDS® Granulate is non-flammable in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1, Euroclass A1.

WDS® Granulate is a specially developed free-flowing WDS® grade for filling spaces in complex geometries. Due to an optimized mixture of fine and coarse particles, together with a low material density, the excellent insulating properties that WDS® is renowned for can be achieved.

A well-known and tested application for WDS® Granulate is for example the thermal insulation of several components in the construction of fuel cells.


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