WDS® MultiFlex® ST/ HT

WDS® MultiFlex® mats grade ST and HT are engineered 3D flexible microporous insulation products offering extremely low and flat thermal conductivity values in a wide temperature range, hence providing outstanding insulating performances which are up to 5 times better than conventional insulators, together with excellent thermal stability up to 1050 °C (1922 °F).

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WDS multiFLEXThe WDS® MultiFlex® core is a composition of reinforced blend of opacified premium grade inorganic silicates available in different property formulations; this homogeneous mineral matrix is then covered with an outer envelope which may be either glass (ST grade) or stabilized amorphous silica (HT grade) cloths to enable fast and clean manipulation; the stitched grid guarantees the necessary flexibility and twisting properties.

Thanks to an exclusive manufacturing process developed by Porextherm Engineering Department, WDS® MultiFlex® mats feature exceptional homogeneity and perfect distribution of the mineral matrix texture resulting in superior consistency and perfect handling ability and workability to any other known similar product; in addition because of its homogeneity in density and texture distribution, the insulating properties are constantly equal all over the surface of the mats resulting in lower thermal conductivity values.

WDS multiFLEX HTThe squared edges of WDS® MultiFlex® mats, another unique characteristic offered by Porextherm, also allow tighter sealing joints from one panel to another, minimizing gaps, thus reducing thermal bridges and consequent heat loss.

Furthermore, the core density can be tailored to specific requirements and needs in order to provide specific insulating property results and desired compression resistance.

WDS® MultiFlex® uses WDS super-insulation technology which differs from any other microporous production process from both the manufacturing processing methods and a large part of the chemical compositions, which are proprietaries featuring by far one of the best insulating performances to any other similar product.

WDS multiFLEX HTLike any other product using WDS Technology, WDS® MultiFlex® features extreme compactness and perfect homogeneity of the mineral matrix core distribution across the whole surface of the mats: these mats will remain stable despite their flexibility and they will maintain their form even after cutting to a specific size or design.

WDS® super-insulation is the definitive answer to any of your most demanding thermal insulation concerns when seeking space and weight reduction together with effective energy savings in a very wide temperature spectrum.


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