WDS® Protection G-Plus

WDS® Protection G-Plus is a 2-component, inorganic coating, consisting of layered silicates , water and inorganic binders as well as <5% of an organic additive.

WDS® Protection G-Plus is non-combustible and can be used up to a temperature of 1100°C (2012°F) after application.

WDS® Protection G-Plus can also be used as a coating for all WDS® products.
WDS® Protection G-Plus can be applied by spraying (recommended), painting or rolling.
The coating can be hardened at room temperature, although a hardening in an oven or drying oven at 80 - 120°C (176 – 212°F) is recommended for a optimum performance.
WDS® products which are coated with WDS® Protection G – Plus can be sawed, drilled or milled with no problem. WDS® Protection G-Plus fulfills several functions:

  • Reduced abrasion
  • Prevents dusty surfaces
  • Increased edge stability
  • Improved handling of WDS® products
  • Primer for continuative organic coatings (e.g. silicone)
  • Primer for gluing WDS® panels with other components


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